Photographs by Romanian-American Daniela Groza at NYU
9 septembrie-30 noiembrie 2014

Lucrări semnate de artista fotografă româno-americană Daniela Groza vor fi expuse la Kimmel Galleries din cadrul New York University, în expoziția de grup VACANCY, deschisă în perioada 9 septembrie-30 noiembrie 2014 și curatoriată de Pamela Jean Tinnen

Kimmel Galleries
60 Washington Square South,
New York, New York 100012-1019
8th Floor
Press Release

The Kimmel Galleries of New York University are pleased to present VACANCY: Photographs by Daniela Groza, Ginny Mangrum, Matthew Soltesz...

The narrative of VACANCY seeks to understand the void in human connection, and the universality of the human condition. Included are photographic images of exterior and interior of spaces, constructing a visual dialogue through portraits of perceptibly occupied spaces. Yet these rooms and structures lack the presence of a body, leaving the residue of perceived inhabitance to the voyeur's interpretation...

Daniela Groza’s Interiors evoke a sense of nostalgia; there is both an intimacy and an emptiness conveyed through her photographs. A dining room table, an altar of candles, an unmade bed; these signifiers haunt the viewer with a confrontation of our own recognitions. The domestic spaces and objects captured evoke personal, intimate memories, exposing the diversity of human experience encompassing the concept of home. The contrasting familiarity and distance conveyed through Groza’s photographs visually communicate an emotive, perhaps disturbing quality, though not simply described as such, perhaps recalling the phrase "Je me souviens" or "I remember." Yet, remember what? Was I here? Am I here now?...

Kimmel Galleries are located at the Kimmel Center for University Life, 60 Washington Square South, 8th Floor.


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Photographs by Romanian-American Daniela Groza at NYU