"USELESS", theater playwright in New York, by Romanian American Saviana Stanescu, Directed by José Zayas

At IRT Theater, New York:
154 Christopher st. NYC #3B (third floor)
IN RESIDENCE: August 12- 25 2014

"USELESS" is a dark humored drama about love, dreams and human trafficking. It investigates the relationship between a couple of Eastern European immigrants involved in kidney trafficking (Kora, who was formerly sex-trafficked and later saved by her now husband Chris), and Omy, a mentally challenged young man from a poor country, brought to the U.S. for his kidney. Omy affects Kora and Chris in a profound way, triggering unexpected outbursts and changes. He becomes a sort of mirror for their unfulfilled dreams, hidden fears and desires, and ultimately makes them connect on a deeper level. Or so we hope. The play intersperses heightened realistic scenes with dreams and nightmares that offer a glimpse into the characters’ inner lives and alternate realities.

Friday 22
Saturday 23
Sunday 24
TIMES: 7:30pm
LENGTH OF SHOW: 75 minutes
We still have $12 tix available. Use code WhenPigsFly! to receive your discount (regularly-priced tickets are $18).

Playwright: Saviana Stanescu
Director: Jose Zayas

Featuring: Ana Grosse*, Andy Phelan*, Steven Rishard*

Set Designer: Susan Zeeman Rogers
Lighting Designer: Ryan O’Gara
Sound Designer: David Margolin Lawson
Costume Designer: Lisa Renee Jordan
Stage Manager: Tierney Nolen
Graphic Designer: Luciano Crossa
Producers: Lucy Di Rosa and Ana Grosse

(*Appears Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association)


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"USELESS", theater play in New York, by Romanian American Saviana Stanescu